google removed 60000 copyright content in 30 days

In 30 days, Google India removed 60,000 pieces of content, with 98 percent of the issues being copyright-related.

In April, Google deleted 60,000 pieces of material, according to the company’s first monthly transparency report.

The company is the first big IT firm in India to provide a compliance report.

It was required to provide a transparency report for the period of April 1 to April 30 under new national regulations governing social media firms and intermediaries.

Significant social media intermediaries (SSMIs) with more than 5 million users are required by law to disclose the number of complaints received and the actions taken in response to them.

The Types Of Complaints And The Subjects Involved

In April, Google received 27,762 complaints from individual Indian customers, according to the company.

The majority of the complaints (92%) were about

  • In terms of copyright infringement,
  • 1.3 percent were trademark-related
  • 1% were defamation-related.
    The accusations are over third-party content on the company’s platform that is said to have breached local laws or personal rights.

Google Removed Content

The majority of the actions (98.4%) were taken in response to copyright infringement, with 58,391 pieces of content being removed.

Because each unique URL in a complaint is treated as a “individual entity,” Google stated, the number of deletions surpasses the total number of user complaints.

It went on to say that a single complaint might contain numerous items or links to the disputed content.

Reports to come

According to a Google spokesman, “we will continue to disclose more details as we develop our reporting process for India,” they will “continue to post more details as we refine our reporting method for India.”

It has also requested two months to publish a more thorough report that includes information on how it deleted content.

In the report, it stated that it will share data on automated deletions, as well as data on impersonation and explicit sexual content complaints received after May 25, 2021, in future reports.

Facebook Will Also Disseminate the Report

On July 2, Facebook will also provide an interim report detailing material removals completed between May 15 and June 15.

The main report, which will include data about complaints received for Whatsapp, will be released on July 15.

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