infosys income tax portal issues news

Infosys income tax portal issues explained by CEO Sahil Parekh to the Government

Infosys income tax portal issues news: The Finance Ministry called Infosys MD & CEO Salil Parekh on Monday to explain to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman why the new income tax site has been experiencing problems and has been inaccessible for the last two days.

The Bengaluru-based software giant’s new tax site went live on June 7 and immediately encountered challenges such as the inability to create OTP for Aadhaar validation, password generating errors, failure to link old data for prior filings, and trouble submitting returns.

“On the 23rd of August 2021, the Ministry of Finance called Sh Salil Parekh, MD & CEO @Infosys to explain to the Hon’ble FM why problems in the new e-filing site had not been fixed even after 2.5 months after its debut. In reality, the gateway has been down since August 21, 2021,” the Internal Revenue Service tweeted.

Infosys claimed the portal was “live” seven hours after the tweet was posted. In a late-night post on Sunday, Infosys India Business, the company’s Twitter handle, said: “The emergency maintenance of the @IncomeTaxIndia portal has ended and the portal is live.” We apologise for any difficulty this has caused taxpayers.”

“The @IncomeTaxIndia portal continues to be under emergency maintenance,” it tweeted earlier in the day. Once the gateway is open to taxpayers again, we will provide an update. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

The Income Tax webpage was “currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance,” it tweeted on Saturday.

Infosys income tax portal issues news

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted on Infosys Income tax portal issues

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted 15 hours after the platform’s debut in June, saying, “The long awaited e-filing portal 2.0 was opened last night 20:45hrs.” I notice flaws and complaints in my TL. I hope @Infosys and @NandanNilekani do not disappoint our taxpayers with the kind of service they deliver. The taxpayer’s ease of compliance should be our first priority.” She had instructed Infosys to “look into the situation” as soon as possible.

As a result, the department of information technology had to enable manual submission of remittance forms while also extending the deadlines for electronic filing of forms linked to intimation by pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

On June 22, Sitharaman convened a meeting with senior Infosys personnel to discuss the portal’s issues. Infosys was tasked with resolving any difficulties as soon as possible, improving their services, and resolving concerns in a timely manner.

Parekh, Infosys COO Pravin Rao, and other corporate officials made notes on the concerns during the discussion. Infosys stated that it was trying to resolve the technical issues.

According to an official statement, at least five difficulties relating to e-proceedings, Form 15CA/15CB, TDS statements, DSC, and seeing prior ITRs should be rectified in approximately a week. The portal, however, has continued to have problems.

Last week, Sitharaman stated that technical issues with the new e-filing portal would be resolved in the coming days. “I’ve been reminding Infosys all the time, and (Infosys CEO) Nandan Nilekani has been texting me with assurances that the most of the problems would be resolved in the next few of days,” she had stated.

The contract to construct the next-generation income tax filing system was given to Infosys in 2019 with the goal of reducing return processing time from 63 days to one day and expediting refunds. The government has paid Infosys Rs 164.5 crore until June 2021.

Prior to being awarded the contract to develop and manage the Income Tax portal, the government and its agencies had selected Bengaluru-based Infosys for a number of high-profile IT projects, including a $50 million contract to implement the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ MCA21 v2 portal and a Rs 1,380 crore contract to build the IT backbone for the Goods and Services Tax Network. Infosys’ products had performance difficulties in all three key contracts.