jeff bezos resign as amazon ceo

Jeff Bezos resign as Amazon CEO on Monday, July 4, 2021

Jeff Bezos resign as Amazon CEO: After converting Amazon from an online bookstore to one of the world’s most powerful businesses, Jeff Bezos is ready to leave an enduring legacy.

On Monday, Bezos will give over the reins of Amazon to Andy Jassy and devote his time to his own space exploration company, philanthropy, and other endeavors.

He will continue to play an important role as executive chair of the technological and e-commerce behemoth he established 27 years ago.

According to AFP, “Bezos has been a transformative pioneer… in bookselling, the retail sector, cloud computing, and home delivery.”

“He was a forerunner who pioneered many of the modern conveniences that we now take for granted, such as purchasing something from an internet store and having it delivered to your home the following day. Many of the developments in the e-commerce business may be traced back to this guy “Added he.

Bezos frequently reminisced about his early days at Amazon, which began in his garage with him packing orders and driving boxes to the post office.

Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Market Value Worth

Amazon is now worth more than $1.7 trillion on the stock market. It expects to earn $386 billion in 2020 through e-commerce, cloud computing, grocery, artificial intelligence, streaming media, and other businesses.

Jeff Bezos Next Venture

Jeff Bezos will take a break from day-to-day Amazon administration to focus on other initiatives, such as his space company Blue Origin, which will launch him into space later this month.

Amazon’s Future

With Amazon facing a barrage of regulatory scrutiny and activist opposition, Bezos’ exit raises doubts about the company’s future. Concerns that a few of large internet corporations have become too powerful have prompted US legislators to examine a bill that would make it easier to break up Amazon.

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