Subri Chaki murdered news

Managing Director of Firm Kilburn Engineering Subri Chaki found Murdered in House

Subri Chaki murdered news: Subir Chaki, managing director of Mumbai-based engineering business Kilburn Engineering, and his driver were discovered slain in his south Kolkata home that he was attempting to sell on Monday morning, according to police. Investigators believe Chaki, who resides in New Town on Kolkata’s eastern suburbs, came to the three-story property on Kankulia road to close a deal with a potential buyer.

Chaki and his driver, Rabin Mondal, were discovered dead with multiple stab wounds to the wrists and ankles.

The ground floor of the house was rented to a private corporation, according to police, and no one lived on the upper floors.

Employees of a private company reported for work on Monday morning, and the two bodies were discovered. “They discovered the door connecting the ground and first floors closed from the inside, which was unusual,” a Gariahat police official said on the condition of anonymity.

The officer quoted above stated, “There was nothing valuable in the house that could have led to a robbery.”

The phones of Chaki and his driver were missing, according to police, and could have been snatched by the person who killed them.

“It appears that the accused was aware that Chaki was planning a visit to his Kankulia Road residence. When prospective purchasers asked to visit the home in the past, he would send his driver with the keys. It’s conceivable that Chaki arrived to collect a monetary payment. On Sunday evening, neighbours reported they heard many individuals conversing inside the residence. They also claimed to have heard the voice of a lady. A second police officer said, “These accusations are being confirmed.”

Subir Chaki, a graduate of St Xavier’s School in Kolkata, IIT-Kharagpur, and IIM-Calcutta, has worked at Kilburn Engineering Ltd for almost four years.

“His son and daughter, respectively, live in London and Mumbai,” the officer stated.

“My father worked for Chaki for more than 20 years,” Rabin Mondal’s son Dilip Mondal stated. He used to only visit once a month…. “We don’t know what occurred.”

The autopsy was completed Monday evening, according to police, and the corpses were turned over to the victims’ relatives.

The Kolkata Police’s detective department has taken up the probe.