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The Plume Beauty Story: From a Rs. 1 lakh investment to a Rs. 1.5 crore revenue in 365 days

Garima Juneja and Gaurav Mishra launched the Indian beauty company Plume Beauty ( in mid-2019. They were also co-founders of Viralcurry, a digital marketing firm founded in 2013.

In their own words, this is their remarkable storey!

“When we came across this concept in early 2019 and realised we had the enthusiasm, expertise, and abilities to pull it out, it was a Eureka moment!”

We have over 7 years of experience working directly with product firms, both large and small. We assisted them with packaging, design, marketing, and revenue growth. “Having our own product has long been a dream of ours. When I first started studying about cosmetics, I immediately saw holes that needed to be addressed and new things we could do for the Indian beauty industry.”

The start of Plume Beauty

We began studying more about beauty goods, sourcing, and production as soon as the concept occurred. I began taking classes on cosmetics, their formulas, and how to apply them, while my colleague Gaurav began developing the entire brand, packaging, and marketing strategy.

Initially, we set out to find a batch of beauty blenders that were of excellent quality, did not readily wear off, and did not squander pricey cosmetics. It took us six months to develop the proper recipe, have it made to our specifications (after several failed attempts), and bring it to market. We managed to bargain, persuade, and therefore obtain just a limited quantity of items in the initial batch.

In June 2019, we decided to put our “viral” social media abilities to use and launched the brand. Within a few months, the items went viral on Instagram ( So much so that they virtually ever had to put any more money into the firm, and the profits from previous batches continued to fund the next.

the plume beauty startup founders

The Initial setback of Plume Beauty

We chose to extend our product portfolio while continuing to scale marketing and operations. In November of this year, we released our first collection of cosmetic brushes, but we failed miserably. We created them with a material that wasn’t solid enough for that combination in order to obtain the right colour, texture, and form.

Because of various problems with the brushes, the entire line had to be cancelled. We experienced our first setback.

However, we went back into research mode, learned more, worked more, and in January 2020, we released our professional beauty brush collection after receiving input from hundreds of makeup artists and specialists. These were an instant success with industry insiders.

Our products are well-liked and sought by cosmetics fans, students, and professionals. We’ve been successful in developing goods that professionals vouch for.

The scaling of Plume Beauty in Covid 19 period

Covid 19 struck the globe just as we were expanding our business and creating a name among experts, with sales exceeding INR 1 Cr in the first financial year. It initially struck on a global scale, preventing our raw materials and packaging from reaching India. India was struck after that cleared up.

We couldn’t make enough at first owing to the worldwide impact, and as things started to clear up, India was put on lockdown. The months of the lockdown were the most difficult, as there were no sales. Thousands of our devoted clients, on the other hand, demanded that we take orders and deliver them later. We were able to keep afloat as a result of this.

Important points to consider in Covid 19 stituation

  • Keep it lean! This year has taught us to keep our spending to a minimum. However, critical expenditures such as having a quality product, a warehouse, and a skilled operations team should not be decreased. Expansions of the corporate office and retail stores might be postponed.
  • Always keep an eye out for “rebound windows.” People begin to purchase online when the number of covid instances begins to drop. Throughout the previous year, there have been highs and lows, but there have always been comeback windows when people shopped a lot.
  • The importance of sourcing and having goods on hand cannot be overstated. Stock is difficult to come by, so have plenty on hand.
  • Do not market insensitively. When there is hardship and a large number of instances in the country, stay hidden.

Future Plans of The Plume Beauty

We had intended to extend our product range to include all types of cosmetics and open retail locations in 2020, but we had to postpone till circumstances improved.

We launched a few cosmetics goods in January 2021 and plan to offer a comprehensive cosmetics product range by the third quarter of that year. We also want to build kiosks in some of Delhi’s most well-known shopping complexes.

The company’s revenue in its first 18 months was about 1.5 million dollars. We’re on track to generate at least a 6x growth in sales this fiscal year while being profitable.