Zoocoin cryptocurrency

Zoocoin Cryptocurrency based on the zoo of animals.

Cryptocurrency is emerging day by day. A new crypto coin based on zoo animals knows as Zoocoin is emerging in the Crypto market.

There are four main characteristics of the Zoocoin protocol ecosystem.

  1. Zooter – A decentralized Twitter-like platform called Zooter that allows users to like or dislike posts by burning zoocoin.
  2. Zooswap, which allows users to switch from one token to another with Pancake Swap, and there is ZooNFT.
  3. Zoocoin, a new cryptocurrency, is allowed to run the first animal cryptocurrency farm of its kind known as the Zoolet Protocol Ecosystem. The recently born development team hopes to implement a DeFi platform that reflects the latest advances in blockchains crypto.
  4. Zoolet allows users to invest in its native token Zoocoin, which is derived from the total of SHIB, NTF, DeFi, and PIG. The equation is as follows:

Zoocoin = SHIB+Pig+DeFi+NFT packaged crypto.

Is Zoocoin worth it? What’s the valuation of Zoolet?

Zoolet is the first crypto animal zoo that ever existed. The platform is based on the Binance Smart Chain and is anchored in its protocol, the Zoocoin protocol. Below are some of Zoolet’s value propositions:

The over circulation of tokens, cryptocurrency or fiat currency leads to lower demand and thus to a low valuation. This is an inherent problem that most decentralized platforms face.

The team behind Zoolet has set itself the goal of curbing the oversupply of Zoocoin through an effective combustion strategy.

Zoolet’s engineering team will occasionally oversee manual incineration to fuel the scarcity of the token, which will subsequently drive demand and increase the token’s price valuation.

The platform intends to announce all burns and inform the community of the number of Zoocoins in circulation. Transparency of the network and making it more rewarding for users.

ZooCoin cryptocurrency

The Zoocoin ecosystem rewards users based on the principles of the static reward mechanism, which aims to curb the volatility of the platform’s token price by alleviating downward selling pressures that are known to have a bearish effect. of the delivered token as the ideal token system and sell them in large quantities.

As a result, these whale-like transactions have a negative impact on the price of the token. The static reward aims to prevent such an event from happening and to impose a 10% penalty on transactions.

This penalty is split in half, with half being distributed to ZooCoin holders and the other half being incinerated.

Zoolet promotes the DAO governance model, where token holders vote decisions based on the number of tokens they own, decentralizing features and rewarding investors who remain loyal to the platform and progressive.

The team behind the Zoolet platform has experience in both crypto and decentralized financial operations. It is a fully community-operated platform with 100% transparency.

Please note that if you decide to invest in Zoolet tokens, you are aware that you are opening a long-term investment position that can further increase the value of your stake over time.

Zoocoin Cash platform allows you to buy Zoocoin

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