Anandha Kannan dies at 48

Actor and VJ Anandha Kannan dies at 48 due to rare bile-duct cancer.

Anandha Kannan dies at 48: Anandha Kannan, a popular Tamil television personality and actor, died of a rare form of bile-duct cancer on Monday night, August 16.

Anandha Kannan was 48 years old when he died. Anandha Kannan, a Singapore native, was well-known among youngsters in the 1990s for his shows on Sun Music, a Sun Network station.

Kannan, who had been absent from television and broadcasting for almost seven years, was recently scheduled for a show on a prominent Tamil channel, according to reports.

He was diagnosed with bile-duct cancer a few months ago and has been receiving therapy for it since then.

Anandha Kannan began his career as an actor and television personality at Vasantham TV in Singapore, according to reports.

Later, in the 2000s, he relocated to Chennai and began presenting shows for Sun Music, a music channel, soon becoming famous with a youthful audience.

Anandha Kannan has also appeared in films such as Adhisaya Ulagam, a Tamil scientific fiction film released in 2012, a cameo role in Saroja in 2008, and two films, Mullum Malarum and Ithanai Naalai Engirunthai, all released in 2012. Both of these films, however, were never released in theatres.

In 2012, Anandha Kannan appeared of the lead roles in Sindubad and Kadhal Channel on television. Anandha Kannan hosted the Tamil version of We Are Singaporeans, Savaal Singapore, from 2013 to 2018.

Throughout his career, Anandha Kannan has won several accolades. In 2013, he received the International Youth Icon Award at the World Universities Tamil Conference, as well as the Television Actors Guild Award for “Best Actor” (South India).

Anandha Kannan also received ‘Best Host’ for Savaal Singapore in 2011. Several major Tamil film industry figures, as well as fans, have expressed their condolences over Anandha Kannan’s death.

Anandha Kannan dies shocked Film Industry

Anandha Kannan dies at 48
Anandha Kannan dies at 48
Anandha Kannan passed away at 48