former Miss Kerala runner-up was killed.

In a terrible road accident in Kochi, a former Miss Kerala runner-up was killed.

According to authorities, two past beauty pageant winners, 2019 Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer, 25, and runner-up Dr Anjana Shajan, 26, were died in a terrible vehicle accident on Monday.

They added two other guys in the Ford Figo vehicle, one of whom was driving, were badly hurt and are in the hospital.

According to the police, the event occurred in the early hours of the morning when the motorist was driving on a highway in Kochi and collided with a tree.

Although the motorcyclists were hit and received minor injuries, the driver may have lost control while attempting to avoid a scooter in the road, according to reports.

Dr. Anjana Shajan and Ansi Kabeer were both confirmed deceased at the hospital.

Images from the site showed the hatchback car heavily crumpled, indicating the severity of the collision.

The damage was so severe that the cops said they couldn’t even get the paperwork out of the glove compartment

When questioned if the riders were using seatbelts, a police officer stated, “Only further investigation, forensic scientists, can tell if seatbelts were utilised or not.”

There has been a report of reckless driving.

Thousands of people lamented the young women’s deaths on social media, with many pointing to Ansi Kabeer’s final Instagram post, which was titled “It’s time to leave.”

Ansi Kabeer, from Thiruvananthapuram’s Alamcode, won the Miss Kerala competition in 2019 and was awarded Miss South India in 2021.

Dr. Anjana Shajan, a Thrissur native, was also pursuing a modelling career.