Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif dating news

At a Diwali-day ‘roka’ ceremony, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif finally say ‘we do.’

Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif dating news: Vicky Kaushal dating Katrina Kaif rumours have been around for quite some time. Both performers have denied the claims, but it appears like the air will be cleared once and for all, for the benefit of both parties.

According to sources close to the stars, they conducted a very intimate ‘roka’ ceremony during Diwali. It took place at director Kabir Khan’s residence.

Katrina considers Kabir to be her brother, which may explain why she opted to conduct the ceremony in his home, in a small gathering that included just immediate family members from both sides.

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Vicky’s side was reportedly completed by his mother Veena Kaushal, his father, the famed action director Sham Kaushal, and the actor’s brother Sunny, while Katrina’s side was reportedly completed by her mother Suzanne Turquoette and sister Isabelle Kaif.

Because Diwali is such an auspicious day, the two families decided to make the most of it by hosting a ceremony, which Kabir and his wife Mini Mathur hosted. The stars are said to be getting married in Rajasthan later this month, but they haven’t sent out any invitations or made any phone calls to pals.

Katrina will restart filming for ‘Tiger 3,’ while Vicky will begin work on the Sam Maneckshaw biopic ‘Sam Bahadur.’