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Afghanistan Taliban News: Biden says he has no regrets over military withdrawals from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Taliban News: Mr. Biden asked Afghan officials to get together and “fight for their country.”

Following the 9/11 attacks on American territory, a US-led military intervention began in 2001, although most foreign soldiers have since left.

The Taliban have taken control of nine of the country’s 34 provincial capitals and are threatening to take control of others.

Mr Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that the US was honouring its obligations to Afghanistan, including providing close air support, paying military wages, and giving food and equipment to Afghan soldiers.

“They have to fight for themselves,” he added.

afghanistan taliban news

According to US military assessments, the capital Kabul may fall to the Taliban in 90 days, according to the Washington Post.

As per UN, 1000 people were killed in fight between Taliban and Government troops

According to the United Nations, more than 1,000 people have been murdered in the last month as a result of intense combat between Taliban and government troops. Unicef, the UN organisation for children, warned last week that crimes against children were becoming “greater by the day.”

Taliban insurgents have taken three more provincial capitals in the last 24 hours: Faizabad, Farah, and Pul-e-Khumri.

Officials claimed militants in Pul-e-Khumri, the capital of Baghlan province, which is approximately 200 kilometres (125 miles) from Kabul, flew their flag on the main plaza and on the governor’s office on Tuesday.

Farah, a western city, has collapsed, according to a local journalist and member of the provincial council.

The Taliban also claimed to have seized Faizabad in the country’s northwestern corner on Wednesday.

afghanistan taliban news

This week, the militant organisation also took control of the important northern city of Kunduz. It is regarded a gateway to mineral-rich areas and is located in a strategically vital location near the Tajikistan border, which is utilised for opium and heroin smuggling.

Heavy combat has continued in other regions of the nation, and airstrikes have been carried out by US and Afghan planes.

President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan went to Mazar-i-Sharif on Wednesday in an apparent attempt to rally defenders in the crucial northern city, which is presently under attack by terrorists.

In recent days, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes.

“We saw bodies laying near the prison… there were dogs close to them,” one lady who fled Kunduz when the Taliban seized power told AFP.

As Taliban insurgents concentrated their attention on government soldiers who had withdrawn to the airport, residents remained in the city claimed stores had begun to reopen.

“People are opening their stores and businesses,” one observed, “but you can still sense fear in their eyes.”

International demands for a ceasefire have been rebuffed by the Taliban.

If the Afghan state fractures, “perfect conditions” for international terrorism and violent extremism might arise.

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