UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds in Secret Ceremony

On Saturday, (May 30, 2021), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds (who was Boris fiancée) in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral.

The marriage ceremony has taken place secretly without inviting many people. Guests were invited to the last minute of the main ceremony in London, saying that even senior members of Boris Johnson office knew nothing about the wedding plans.

Currently, marriages in the UK are limited to 30 people due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As per the report: The Catholic cathedral suddenly closed at 1:30 p.m. and Carrie Symonds arrived in a limousine in a long, veil-less white dress 30 minutes later. Boris Johnson’s marriage with Carrie Symonds was so quickly and wasn’t expected to happen during Covid 19 restriction.

Johnson is currently 56 years old while Carrie Symonds is 33 years old. They both have lived together on Downing Street since Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019.

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Earlier this month, Boris and Carrie announced that wedding invitations had been sent to friends and family for July 2022. They were the first unmarried couple to officially live together on Downing Street when he became Prime Minister. Johnson has been married twice before.

Last year they announced they were engaged and expecting a child, and their son Wilfred Lowry Nicholas Johnson was born in April 2020.

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For the first time, Ms. Carrie Symonds was romantically linked with Mr. Johnson from the media in early 2019.

Carrie Symonds worked in the press office of the Conservative Party, which she joined in 2010, and two years later worked on Johnson’s successful re-election campaign as Mayor of London.

She was the party’s communications manager before leaving in 2018 to work in public relations with the Marine Conservation Organization Oceana

The couple announced they were engaged and pregnant in February 2020. Their son Wilfred was born last April.
Johnson and his ex-wife Marina Wheeler announced in 2018 that they were divorcing after 25 years of marriage.

Boris Johnson was previously married to Allegra Mostin-Owen.

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