chinese coronavirus news leaked

Chinese Scientist Secretly Discussed To Weaponizing Coronavirus (Covid 19) in 2015

Talks has been spreading since more than one year that Chinese intentionally created the coronavirus to kill human beings. One Document was written by Chinese scientist in 2015 (means five years back before the pandemic begun) stats that Coronavirus is a new era of genetic weapons that could be artificially integrated in the human being virus and can be used as biological weapon.

This man made virus can used as biological weapon and can be used to fight World War Three. Document revealed that the virus was intentionally made and methods of deploying were been discussed five years back before the pandemic begun.

The director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) told “” that document is very secret.

Director of ASPI further said that the Chinese Scientist were thinking about different strains of the coronavirus and how it could be deployed. He further said that the documents are accidentally released for their military use.

A cyber security specialist, Robert Potter who analyzed the documents which were leaked asked by the Australian to verify it. He said that “documents are not identified fake”

Director further said that how important and confidential these documents are. Now its up to us how we interrupt and give importance to these leaked documents.