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Pakistan Actor Veena Malik Expressed Anger By Tweeting Hilter Quotes On Killing Jews

As Pakistan is one of the Islamic countries, the support of Pakistan citizens along with their Prime Minister Imran Khan that Palestinian should get free from Israel nation. Pakistan Actor Veena Malik tweeted one of the Abolf Hitler quote “I would have killed all the Jews of the world … but I kept some to show the world why I killed them.”

This tweet she passed on Tuesday on May 12, 2021. Veena Malik is an actress and worked in many Bollywood and Pakistani movies. This tweet on about the clash which is going on between Israel-Gaza shows her support to Gaza side.

During the clash, Gaza fired dozens of rockets from Hamas, on which Veena Malik tweeted ” #IronDome is doomed” with an emoji. This tweet she referred as a joke on Israel’s defense system.

But surprisingly, all the tweets related to clashes between Gaza-Israel were no more, the only tweet she kept the retweet of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan where he urged all international community to protect the rights of Palestine and their people.

Unfortunately, Veena Malik tweeter account has withheld in India due to consistent violation of Twitter polices

Veena Malik Twitter account is withheld in India

Actor Veena Malik tweet about Adolf Hitler

Veena Malik aged 37 is a sex symbol and former comedian. She till date won many awards from Pakistan shows for her acting and performance over the past 20 years.

As per the report, there is no clue whether Adolf Hitler used these words before. While some of the attributes of this statement is usually used to show hatred towards Israel and Jews. Veena Malik cheers on the death of the Isreal people and the destruction caused there.

In her many tweets, she shows not to be afraid of any thing. Allah is with you and be proud of it. The tweets were mostly in Urdu language.

Her tweets show hatred against the Israel people. The same hatred has also been seen when the Balakot Air Strike has been carried out by Indian Air Force.

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