Aspergillosis Fungus Infection

First Time: Aspergillosis Fungus Infection Found in Covid 19 Patients in India

After Black Fungus and White Fungus Cases in India, Aspergillosis Fungus Infection found in Covid 19 patients in India. To date, more than 11,200 cases of black fungus have been reported in the country.

The places hardest hit by the White Fungus and Black Fungus are Gujrat and Maharashtra. As black fungus cases are increasing in Gujarat, Vadodara doctors have reported eight new cases of Replacement mycosis called aspergillosis.

Like black fungus, Aspergillosis Fungus Infection occurs in people who have recently recovered from COVID-19. On Thursday May 29, 2021, Vadodara reported 260+ new cases of black fungus infection and eight new cases of aspergillosis fungus infection. All this 8 patients are admitted for immediate treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Aspergillosis Fungus Infection

Aspergillosis is also caused by a species of mold found around the world called Aspergillus, which ranges from air to damp soil to rotting organic matter. Although mostly harmless, some strains can cause a variety of diseases in humans, ranging from simple allergic reactions to life-threatening invasive diseases.

Aspergillosis Infection (Demonstration image)

Symptoms of Aspergillosis infection include stuffy or runny nose, constipation, fever, facial pain, and headache. A characteristic fungal ball made of fungal fibers, mucus, cells, and blood clotting proteins can also form in the sinuses, and the infection can spread to other areas, including the brain. Aspergillosis of the nose is also sometimes associated with bone loss of the face bones

Is aspergillosis infection risky for Covid 19 (coronavirus) patients?

The rise in mixed fungal infections in COVID-19 patients has been attributed to steroid use and impaired immunity. Unsterilized water, which is used to hydrate the oxygen supply, is also said to be responsible for aspergillosis appearance.

Steroids in the treatment of COVID-19 patients are one of the main reasons behind the increase in black fungus cases, which is why health professionals are advised to use steroids with extreme caution and not to overdo them.

How Covid 19 patients prevented from aspergillus fungus infection?

Over time, without treatment, aspergillomas can worsen underlying chronic lung conditions. Doctors are currently treating patients with an antifungal drug: isavuconazole; Although aspergillosis is usually treated with voriconazole, it usually treats invasive fungal infections that generally occur in immunocompromised patients.

All of the fungal infections occurring in the country today are treated with a single antifungal drug called amphotericin B. However, the study found that despite improved diagnosis and the advent of new formulations of amphotericin B, mortality from the aspergillosis family of infections was high.