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Why Bill Gates Says Not To Share Covid 19 Vaccine Recipe with Developing Countries like India…

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates in his last interview on 27th April 2021 with Sky News was asked if it better to share the Covid 19 vaccine recipe with developing nations. Bill Gates shocked everyone by replying as “NO”

When asked by reporter “Why Not”

He answered as ” You can see as there are many vaccine making factories in the world, and people feels very serious of safeness.” He further says “Moving something that has never been done before such as moving vaccine from Johnson & Johnson factor to the industries in India its novel, it’s only because of our grants and expertise that can happen at all.”

“It’s not intellectual property that’s holding the things back. It’s also not like there is only an idle vaccine industry with administrator approval that makes magically safe vaccines. Industry have to trials on this things and every manufacturer have to look so carefully in this process”

He further added ” Process of sharing vaccine making formulas from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna has already began. This manufacturing company has all the things right, they didn’t hold it back. They already started sharing.

Bill says ” He wasn’t surprised to see that developed countries like United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) started vaccinating 30 years old people. Whereas people in countries like South Africa and Brazil where 60 years are not been vaccinated. That’s unfair, but things will change in three to four-month and all these people who are facing severe pandemic effect will be getting vaccinated”

Interview of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates with Skyline News regarding Why not to share Covid 19 Vaccine Recipe

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