11 years old boy beaten by pitbull dog

After being attacked by a Pitbull dog, an 11-year-old boy is struggling for his life.

11 years old boy beaten by pitbull dog: After being bitten and mauled by a Pitbull dog in Tagore Nagar Hanuman Vatika – 2 of the city, an 11-year-old kid was taken to a hospital’s ICU. At least 32 bite wounds were found on the boy’s head, face, and legs.

The mother went out after hearing his pleas for assistance and discovered the kid being assaulted in the courtyard. She noticed no one yelling at the dog, so she confronted it and saved her son.

Vishal Meena, the boy, lives with her parents in Tagore Nagar Hanuman Vatika – 2 in a part of a home. Vishal’s father, Jagdish Meena, works as a home guard. The landlord, Durgesh Hada, was the owner of the dog.

The dog was purchased by a relative of the landlord, according to a Greater Municipal Corporation official.

Vishal’s parents heard his pleas for assistance about 10 a.m. and went outdoors to see the kid being mauled. Vishal’s mother battled the dog and was able to save her kid.

Pitbulls are considered aggressive animals and are prohibited in many parts of the world, including several Indian states. According to sources, there are no clear guidelines in place in Jaipur regulating this.

The landlord was the subject of a police report. The dog was brought into custody by the Greater Municipal Corporation’s animal control division. The kid was transported to the hospital and is currently receiving treatment.