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Kanta Prasad’s Baba ka Dhaba story. Luxury life leads to the downfall.

Baba ka Dhaba Story: After rumours of his being taken to a hospital after attempted suicide surfaced, the owner of Delhi’s famed eatery Baba Ka Dhaba is back in the news.

Last year, the octogenarian gained notoriety after a YouTuber uploaded a video of his teary-eyed plea for aid, which inspired netizens to go to his diner to show their support.

Kanta Prasad attempted suicide on Thursday and is presently receiving treatment at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

Kanta Prasad, 81, has seen it all in less than a year, from pleading for aid to instant stardom to sinking good times.

Complete Story of Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Kanta Prasad and Youtuber Gaurav Wasan

In October of last year, Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi’s lives were turned upside down when a video detailing their hardship of losing a source of income, a roadside shop known as Baba Ka Dhaba, went viral.

The pair was unable to sell food at their stand, according to the popular footage uploaded by YouTuber Gaurav Wasan. This devastated the hearts of social media users. As a result, Delhiites flocked to the booth the next day to encourage and cheer on the old couple.

As donations poured in, Kanta Prasad was able to build a restaurant in Delhi, which was sadly shut down due to a lack of patrons.

Gaurav Wasan, a YouTuber, is the subject of a complaint filed by Baba Ka Dhaba.

After a month of happiness, Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, filed a police case against Gaurav Wasan, an Instagram-YouTube influencer who recorded his video, in November.

According to Kanta Prasad’s lawsuit, Gaurav Wasan stole cash by using their videos to solicit for donations from the social media community.

Baba ka Dhaba Kanta Prasad attempted suicide news

Gaurav Wasan reportedly only provided the bank account details of his family and friends with ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ proprietors Kanta Prasad and his wife.

A lawsuit has been filed against a YouTuber for allegedly cheating Kanta Prasad “Baba ka Dhaba”.

On the basis of Kanta Prasad’s allegation, Delhi Police filed a cheating case against Gaurav Wasan in November.

According to the Baba Ka Dhaba owner’s testimony to the police, YouTuber Gaurav Wasan approached him in October of 2020 and filmed a video of his eatery in an attempt to assist him market the company.

Wasan, according to Prasad, released this video on social media under the handle ‘Swad official’ and asked for donations to help the ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ near Hanuman Mandir in Malviya Nagar. Wasan allegedly released just his family members’ bank accounts and contact information after the video went viral in order to get money.

Kanta Prasad, the proprietor of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba,’ claims Gaurav Wasan defrauded him by collecting a large sum of money in his name.

YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, shares his side of the money-laundering storey.

Gaurav Wasan, a YouTuber, responded to the claims by saying that people were attempting to discredit him by making false accusations against him.

“False charges are being made against me in an attempt to discredit me. There have been rumours and claims that I received Rs 25 lakh in my account, which is false since I have provided Baba all of my bank statements and transferred all of the money I received. Furthermore, the claims that I took Rs 25 lakh are untrue. I’m not sure who’s inputting all of these stuff into his mind and telling him I got Rs 25 lakh “Wasan had stated before.

People were also attempting to influence Kanta Prasad, according to Wasan.

“‘I don’t know, people have stated I received Rs 25 lakh, but I don’t know if he (Gaurav) has money or not,’ Baba has said. How can he be confident of what I’ve gotten if he doesn’t know how much money he has in his account?

I believe it will only become obvious when we have also made public Baba’s account data, so that everyone knows how much he received and how much I have sent over “Wasan had stated before.

“Attempts are being made to manipulate him. Baba is unable to utter such things. People are inserting objects into his ears. There are individuals claiming to be his managers out there, but the public has no idea who appointed them. They claim to be in charge of Baba’s account, but I’m curious as to who selected them. I’m at a loss. People should go to Baba and ask him about the amount of financing he has gotten so far “Added he.

The owner of Baba Ka Dhaba claims he has received death threats and believes YouTuber Gaurav Wasan is involved.

In December 2020, Kanta Prasad, the proprietor of Baba Ka Dhaba, made new charges against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan.

Kanta Prasad said that he was receiving death threats on a regular basis and that he was afraid to leave his residence. The 80-year-old further claimed that miscreants threatened to set fire to his Dhaba.

The owner of Baba Ka Dhaba claims he never called YouTuber Gaurav Wasan a ‘chor.’

Kanta Prasad’s video of him apologizing for his faults and stating “chor nahi tha Gaurav Wasan [Gaurav Wasan was not a thief]” went viral just a few days ago.

“Gaurav Wasan, woh ladka koi chor nahi tha, na usko humne kabhi chor kahan hai,” Kanta Prasad remarked in a video uploaded by the official Instagram feed of Dil Se Foodie, standing outside his old roadside food shop.

More on Baba ka Dhaba Story: Kanta Prasad Owner attempted suicide said his son.

The octogenarian attempted suicide on Thursday and is now fighting for his life in Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. Azad, his son, explained what prompted his father to take such drastic measures.

Azad told India Today TV that his father had been suffering from despair for some time and had tried suicide once previously, six years ago.

His son claimed his father took sleeping pills about 6 a.m. on Thursday and was transported to the hospital, where he is now on ventilator support.

Azad explained that his father has been receiving harassing phone calls over the last three months, with people wanting him to apologize for his quarrel with YouTuber Gaurav Wasan.

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