Car accident Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Car accident Mumbai-Pune Expressway | 3 People Dead

Car accident Mumbai-Pune Expressway news: On Monday morning, three people were killed in a traffic accident that resulted in a seven-vehicle pile-up on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Khopoli, Raigad district.

According to the police, around 6 a.m., a truck filled with chicken travelling from Pune to Mumbai lost control and collided with two other cars travelling in the same way in the Borghat area of Khopoli.

“A car was driving behind the poultry truck when it collided with it, and the automobile was then hit by a trailer.” The automobile was completely wrecked after becoming wedged between the poultry truck and the trailer. Due to the impact of the accident, these vehicles collided with two others who were also travelling from Pune to Mumbai. According to a state highway traffic police officer, “two trucks, two automobiles, one trailer, and two buses were thus locked in a pile-up.”

Shortly after the accident, two passengers in the car and the driver of the poultry truck died of their injuries. However, a few other people trapped in the crash were just slightly hurt.

There was a traffic delay as a result of the accident. After the vehicles were removed from the route, the congestion subsided.