China built village in Arunachal Pradesh

Pentagon reports that China has created a hamlet in Arunachal Pradesh.

China built village in Arunachal Pradesh: According to a Pentagon report to the US Congress, China has developed a big hamlet in a disputed territory in Arunachal Pradesh and has been taking gradual measures to assert its claims on the Line of Actual Control.

According to the Pentagon’s annual report on China’s military, dialogue between India and China to resolve the border crisis has made limited progress, and the PLA is to blame for a series of clashes that began in May 2020 and culminated in the bloody clash at Galwan, in which 21 Indian soldiers and an unspecified number of Chinese soldiers died.

“PLA began incursions across the border into traditionally Indian-controlled area in May 2020, and has concentrated soldiers at various standoff spots along the LAC. In addition, a large reserve force from the military districts of Tibet and Xinjiang was moved to the interior of western China to offer a quick reaction “According to the report

Despite ongoing diplomatic and military conversations aimed at reducing border tensions, the Pentagon claimed the Chinese side continued to take “incremental and tactical efforts to assert its claims at the LAC.”

According to the report, the Chinese authorities constructed a new hamlet in Arunachal Pradesh last year in a contested location beside the Tsari river. Officials in India have classified the PLA’s new border towns as ‘dual purpose,’ with a possible military component.

“Around the eastern sector of the LAC, the PRC constructed a big 100-home civilian hamlet inside disputed territory between the PRC’s Tibet Autonomous Region and India’s Arunachal Pradesh state sometime in 2020. The Indian government and media have been alarmed by these and other infrastructure development projects along the India-China border “According to the report,

According to ET, Chinese development along the LAC in the Arunachal sector has increased dramatically since last year, with improved residential housing and communication facilities created on the Tsari river near the town of Migyitun, which has also received improved road access.

According to the source, China has “attempted to blame India for inciting the impasse by increasing infrastructure development along the LAC,” citing the present standoff, which has resulted in tens of thousands of troops amassing on both sides of the border since last year.

“Asserting that its deployments near the LAC were in response to Indian provocation,” the article stated, “Beijing has refused to withdraw any forces until India’s forces had withdrawn behind the PRC’s version of the LAC and stopped infrastructure upgrades in the region.”

According to the Pentagon, China’s aims for the border standoff are to avoid a bigger military war and return to economic and diplomatic relations. It further stated that it attempted, but failed, to “prevent India from developing its connection with the United States during and after the standoff.”