landslides in himachal pradesh

Landslides in Himachal Pradesh leads to dramatic road collapse

Landslides in Himachal Pradesh news: In stunning pictures of a landslide that occurred in Himachal Pradesh this morning, a length of road is seen collapsing as a hillside falls down. After two days of nonstop rain, the road in Sirmaur fell in.

A widely circulated video shows a section of the slope collapsing, taking the road with it. A 100-meter stretch of road slides down and vanishes in a matter of seconds. There have been no casualties reported.

Landslides in Himachal Pradesh

landslides in Himachal pradesh

Over the last three days, the region has seen a succession of cloudbursts, flash floods, and landslides.

According to authorities, the route connected two locations: Paonta Sahib and Shillai-Hatkori. Due to the landslide, the National Highway 707 is closed.

The area has been blocked to traffic, and police officers have been stationed at the access points to advise people to use alternate routes.

The landslide occurred near Nahan town, according to reports.

According to a state disaster management official reported by PTI, a lady died and nine people were injured after a pickup vehicle plunged into a canyon in the same district last evening.

A cloudburst and landslides produced by heavy rain have left 175 visitors trapped in the state’s Lahaul-Spiti.