Superman destroys military gear in Kashmir

In the new animated film Injustice, angry responses when Superman destroys military gear in Kashmir and declares it “disputed.”

The new DC animated film Injustice has sparked outrage because it purportedly referred to Kashmir as “disputed.” The film is based on the same-named computer game franchise, which also generated comic books.

Superman becomes a tyrant in the Injustice storyline when the Joker fools him into killing his girlfriend Lois Lane. He ascends to the position of Earth’s king. Batman and his few remaining friends turn against the government.

The video, which went popular on social media, showed the legendary superhero destroying an aeroplane, with a voice-over proclaiming that he and Wonder Woman had destroyed “every piece of military equipment” and proclaimed Kashmir a “arms-free” zone.

Because the footage did not specify any country, it is unclear whether he destroyed military gear from all countries or simply India. The superhero was also shown pushing delegates from Israel and Palestine to agree on a peace accord in the film.

AntiIndiaSuperman trended on Twitter in response to the video, with individuals expressing dissatisfaction and outrage. Some even suggested that DC Comics be boycotted.

“Westerners are now utilising animated movies to spread anti-India propaganda,” one Twitter user said. These cheesy antics aren’t going to succeed. Kashmir is a vital part of our identity, and we will not allow these defamatory attempts to discredit us. @DCComics. Delete any scenes that are in question!”

Another commenter accused the video of being “anti-Kashmir propaganda.” Kashmir is declared a disputed region by Superman. #AntiIndiaSuperman is a disgrace to DC Comics.”