bhoot police movie review

Bhoot Police Movie Review: A HORROR COMEDY FOR KIDS

Bhoot Police Movie Review: The storey follows two ghost-hunting Tantrik brothers, Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor), who are recruited to capture a demon that is said to haunt a tea estate in Himachal’s beautiful highlands.

The tea estate is owned by Maya (Yami Gautam) and Kanu Gautam, two sisters (Jacqueline Fernandez). Women (of any variety, he says) and money are two of Vibhooti’s job ambitions.

By doing excellent job, the younger brother desires to carry on the legacy of his revered late father (Ullat baba). Can the two protect the wealthy-turned-bankrupt sisters from the nighttime aatma?

The horror comedy from director Pavan Kirpalani has its moments, but the childishness outweighs the oddity. One-liners about nepotism and references to go-corona-go are particularly amusing.

The setting and concept attract your attention right away. Unintentionally humorous is Saif Ali Khan singing an undiscovered local tongue with an anglicised accent in that inimitable Saif voice.

Bhoot Police movie review

His ability to find unheroic folks who are off the beaten path is admirable. But, to a point, intent and try can be humorous. Here, his performance leaves you feeling conflicted. He comes across as a strange mix of trying too hard to be hilarious while yet not attempting to be committed in his character at all.

Arjun and Yami are sincere actors who are the only ones who have grasped the task. Jacqueline and Saif appear to be tourists in Dharamshala who have decided to take part in this film as a hobby.

Stree was an excellent example of combining horror and comedy without making either appear frivolous. The Bhoot Police intends to make fun of the dhongi babas who deceive people.

Its goal is to mock superstitions and naive faith, but it eventually mocks itself. The storey isn’t as much of a problem as the erroneous thinking that underpins it.

While practically everything flops, Johnny Lever’s remarkable daughter Jamie Lever is the lone comedienne who makes an impression. You’ll be roaring with laughter as her character sings Aishwarya Rai’s gorgeous romantic number “Aao Na” while her spouse struggles to take a dump. If you have to see this movie, make it for her.

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bhoot police movie review