infinite movie review 2021

Antoine Fuqua’s latest Infinite movie review 2021

Antoine Fuqua’s latest film, Infinite brought a new look to the concept of reincarnation. Infinite certainly has the power of the stars to generate interest, and it’s a fun ride with a compelling concept.

Between the stars and the action, Infinite has many elements that work to its advantage, but the overall product still leaves a lot to be desired.

Infinite movie complete review, whether it’s good to watch or just another sci-fi money waste.

Evan McCauley (Wahlberg) has been plagued by strange dreams and visions that he cannot explain his whole life. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, but there’s a lot more to history than that. Evan soon discovers that he is known as “Infinite,” a person who is blessed with the gifts of reincarnation.

Evan has died and been born again thousands of times, which means that all of his visions are actually real. His job, along with some others, is to protect humanity from the nihilists or infinite who are frustrated with their endless births.

Infinite Movie Review 2021

The main nihilist Bathurst (Chiwetel Ejiofor) aims to destroy the earth in its entirety with a MacGuffin named Egg, but the only person who knows his true location is Evan, or better yet, his former self, Heinrich Treadway.

Reincarnation is a fascinating subject and quite compelling as a basis for secret organization in a science fiction movie. Viewers get quick glimpses of Evan’s past life, and Cutter Conrad Buff IV does an excellent job of editing.

Glimpses of the past and present that made Evans trip a truly disorienting feeling. However, Infinite doesn’t care much about Evan’s past beyond his last life, Treadway. It’s a shame that screenwriter Ian Shorr (based on a story by Todd Stein) eschews weighting past lives, especially since it suggests that different characters have deep stories.

This is especially true of Evan and Bathurst, two practically immortal men with very different views.

As a result, Infinite movie lacks emotional weight; it succeeds as an action film; Fuqua knows how to stage attractive plays, be it a chase that literally begins in a police station or a heroic position against an enemy attack team that outnumber him.

Infinite movie is a fun journey, but the lack of depth in the characters and mythology prevents audiences from getting too involved in the heroes’ endeavors. Strangely, although the fate of the entire world is at stake, the process lacks urgency. The action is suspenseful, but not quite in the sense that one worries that Evan and his allies will be able to keep the egg out of Bathurst’s hands.

In contrast, Infinite believes that Fuqua couldn’t delve into the material beyond its potential as an action film. Of course, that’s not bad if you want an exciting and entertaining sci-fi trip but want to immerse yourself in the concept presented, Infinity movie is too short to watch.

The protagonist Wahlberg copes well with Evan’s disorientation, then with his commitment to the cause. When you feel like Evan has gotten used to the reality of a shockingly fast infinite, that’s more of a script problem than anything he does to Wahlberg’s accomplishment. He dives into the action with enthusiasm and brings out the best in character development.

As a cynical Bathurst, Ejiofor growls and rages through an intimidating performance and also manages to give the villain additional depth. At the other end of the spectrum is Sophie Cookson’s Nora.

The Kingsman student has little more to do than hold an exhibit, which makes Nora’s characterization seem like a missed opportunity.

Infinite’s MVP could be Jason Mantzoukas as a wildcard known as Artisan; He brings a comical touch to the film and makes himself known with a character who comes too late to the plot.

Infinite is the second film to skip the theaters to debut on Paramount +, and it’s a shame it isn’t showing on a big screen; However, it also means you may find new audiences who may not have been tempted to find you in Wahlberg’s film.

Conclusion on Infinite movie review

For those looking for a compelling science fiction story with solid action, Infinite is the perfect choice. However, for those looking to dig a little deeper, it won’t be entirely satisfactory.

But sometimes it just takes a fun popcorn movie to fill you up. A never-ending midsummer night can definitely do that.

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