odisha gas leaked in paradip

See How Ammonia Gas Leaked Left 15 People Injured at Food Processing Plant In Paradip, Odisha.

On Sunday morning, a leaked toxic gas from a food processing unit (Food Plant) in the Odisha Paradip Garh factory area has left 15 people ill. The incident is reported to occur around 10.30 am (Sunday 23 May 2021).

A 8 year old boy fallen ill due to toxic gas which leaked in prawn processing plant. 3 people out of 15 are critically ill. The people living in neighbors started complaining that their eyes were burning and facing some difficulty in breathing.

One of the local person said that the after gas leaked 3 women were hospitalized immediately and they also heard a loud sound from the industry area.

Chandrakant Dalao who is Assistant Director of Factory & Boiler of Paradip, Odisha reported that he received a call regarding an Ammonia gas leaked at around 11 am. He also stated that people got sick immediately and hospitalized immediately.

What leads ammonia gas leaked in the Food Processing Plant in Paradip, Odisha.

Chandrakant Dalao added further that because of some glitch, the pipeline had gotten damaged which leads the Ammonia gas leaked.